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I’m not talking about the call of nature or anything. That’s obvious. But why do big, fat, healthy cats who can barely move for all the money they’re costing you in chowing down premium cat food eat birds?

Instinct? Okay, I can accept that. So now I need to buy a collar with the biggest bell I can find on it. If the birds aren’t confused by thinking his approaching girth is a mere earthquake, at least they might hear the ringing bell and take flight.

But what’s all this got to do with taking back your life? Nothing really, but then if I buy the bell I might spend a whole lot less time cleaning up bird corpses and take back a little time for the things I actually want to do. (There is an Australian artist, Julia Deville, who is into picking up dead anything corpses and making jewellery from them, but it’s just not my thing.)

So let’s get rid of the excuses, from the sublime of the housework to the ridiculous of chubby killer cats, and get on with achieving our goals.


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