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I know Wednesday is traditionally our day for letting off steam, but I’m afraid I just can’t do that. You see I have discovered mac freedom and I’m a new woman. I’m getting through my to do list. Sorting stuff out. Cleaning off the desk and making things happen. I also have to admit that, yes, my ability to spend hours each day reading emails, blogs and all the associated linked information has turned into a bit of an addiction. But mac freedom has helped me with all that (yes, there is a hint of slightly crazed voice there!).

Anyway, mac freedom is a lovely little app that allows me to type in a time limit and then it won’t let me access the internet  until that time’s up. (And yes, I realize how pathetic it is that I can’t do that on my own. But at least I’m big enough to admit it.) So if, like me, you have a little, er, problem with discipline (and a mac) – go get it! Do not hesitate a moment longer.

And if anyone knows of a similar application for windows, please share.


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