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Here is the microbat that caused all my angst and time-wasting yesterday. He’s no more than about 5cm long and has the cutest, grumpy old man, face. We didn’t dare touch him or keep him though.

He was too scared to move when we took him outside, so we put him in a box for a while to see what would happen. Sure enough, a few hours later he was scratching around, so we took him out again and off he flew.

Thanks to the simple line illustration on the Bat Care Brisbane site, I immediately knew what we were dealing with. (He was behind the cover of a frosted light and all we could see were four or five tiny dots where we assumed his claws were.)

A happy ending.


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Today has been set aside for me. For me to write some profoundly academic things for my masters thesis, which is due        in like a nano-second (well it feels that way, ok?).

Did someone forget to send the memo?

So far I have taken calls about work, about Christmas parties (yes you do have to organise these things, this early), about a conference on the weekend. All things, that really couldn’t be left any later than tomorrow, and tomorrow is no better than today. Then I have spent my afternoon making phone calls and attempting to find somebody to remove the microbat from my kitchen light. There are very few such people – apparently.

Someone suggested I take the cover off the kitchen light and see if it ‘just flies away’. Yeah right. Or see if gnaws my fingers to bleeding stumps before I can run to the computer and google Hendra virus. (Actually I’ve already done that and apparently you can’t, but who wants to be the first?)

But what does it all mean, you ask? It means you really should pull the phone out at the wall in the morning, and you should never eat, lest you find bats in your kitchen – if you ever want to get anything done.


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