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Start. Do anything. Do something. Act.

If you can do one small thing today, you are one step closer to your goal.

Do you have a goal?

Perhaps today is the day you work out what your goal is. Because that is enough to take you one step ahead and how to make progress. (Well don’t just sit there. Get a piece of paper and do it now.)


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When you look back at the year that’s just flown past, what do you remember?

The birth of a child or a grandchild, getting a new job, going to a rock concert or a festival, buying a house or car, getting married – or divorced, losing someone you love, getting a new dog or cat, losing weight, getting published…

Big moments and big changes might get all the attention, but it’s those trillions of little moments that really make up your year — and your life. So as Christmas approaches and everything’s a little bit manic, stop and breathe. And be in every moment.

This second. This place. This body. This… is your life.

And we’ll leave you with this: Rob Thomas – Little Wonders. Have a wonderful silly season… talk to you soon.

Louise & Sandra x

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Do you have something you really want to do in your life, but you have trouble getting started? Here’s some very funny, wise words from the author of How to get from where you are to where you want to be, Jack Canfield:

“Don’t keep putting things off waiting for 12 doves to fly over your house in the sign of a cross before you begin. Just start.”

So what are you going to start today?

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A month ago, we were talking about getting started in our ‘Five for Fridays’ blog. So today I took our advice… and I got started.

I sat down and wrote the first chapter or so of a YA Romantic Comedy I’ve been thinking about doing all year. And the amazing thing is, I started writing (and ignored work!) with the intention of just getting down the first page.

I wrote 1950 words. It’s the first step towards finding the ‘voice’ for the novel, and getting a handle on the characters. Now I just have to test it on my three daughters and see if I’m on track – or way off.

…it’s a start. Fun.

Have you started anything lately?


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