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We were doing some positive thinking earlier in the year, in order to increase the amount of interesting work coming our way.

We utilized the secret (picturing ourselves positively busy with interesting writing jobs). We meditated on abundance (here I am busy, busy, busy). We attuned our bodies with the positive energy of the universe (actually we weren’t too successful with this one – it’s a bit of a difficult concept for naturally cynical people).

Suddenly we were inundated with work and something had to give. Hence our silence.

But now we are trying a different zen methodology, because we realize we got it wrong. We didn’t want to be snowed under with work. What we really wanted was a wealthy movie producer to say ‘hey ladies, here’s a quick mill for you to whip me up a great screenplay’. But we were too scared to ask for that.

The lesson? Be careful what you wish for. And, if you’re going to get all positive/secrety/zen about things, then you’d better be pretty specific about your requests!

We’re off to meditate on that wealthy movie producer (and on a more consistent effort here, of course!).

What is it you really want?


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