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We’ve got a challenge for you for 2010. But don’t feel like you’re alone in this… we’ll be doing it too!

The challenge seems quite simple. All you have to do is keep saying “I am enough” – but we know you’re going to find that hard to say, let alone believe.

And what’s the point? It’s about changing the way we think about ourselves and to shut down those annoying voices in our head. And that means we’ll be able to relax about ourselves and get on with living – instead of trying to fix stuff about ourselves all the time.

We’re sick of thinking about all the ways we’re not quite good enough – and we reckon you are too. You know what we’re talking about… “I’m not funny enough, smart enough, tall enough, pretty enough, slim enough, young enough, fit enough, assertive enough” and the list goes on.

So what’s the real word for this ‘not good enough’ feeling? Fear. We are afraid of not being pretty, slim, or young enough because that might mean we’re invisible or unloveable. We’re afraid of not being assertive enough because people will walk all over us – and that hurts. We’re afraid of not being smart enough because people won’t respect us, admire us, listen to us, promote us.

We’re afraid of not being fit enough because we might not be able to keep up with our friends and our kids, or be able to play the sport we love, or we’ll look floppy and uncoordinated, or…

We’re afraid of not being good enough (writers) because we won’t have our manuscript published, or when we do it’ll fall into oblivion or get torn to shreds by the critics. Most of all, we’re afraid that we won’t cope with stuff because we’re not enough.

Whatever our fears are, they’re often masquerading as ‘not being enough’. And the only thing fear does is stop you living. And trying. And breathing, mostly.

So in 2010, we’re going to be practicing ‘being enough’. We hope you’ll take up the challenge too.

cheers reindeers

Lou and Sandra


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