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It’s okay to spend time doing something that’s important to you. Even if it’s not important to anyone else on the whole planet. Even if it never earns you $$$.

So when I settle down to do a project (like writing my YA Rom Comm), I’m going to give it my full attention. It might only be for half an hour, but my email is going off. I’m not going to be tempted to blog (after this one, anyway…) or twitter about anything. I’m not going to make phonecalls. And I’m not going to just pop another load of washing on…

I’m going to start taking ‘writing breaks’. Because I can.

After all, that’s why I started my own professional writing business – and work from home most of the time. So I could have a job and a life. Getting totally absorbed into business life and losing a bit of myself along the way wasn’t part of the plan.

Okay, that’s a long enough note to self. From now on, I’m going to value myself and do what I need to do. And right now, I need to write.

Go on…you can do it too!



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A month ago, we were talking about getting started in our ‘Five for Fridays’ blog. So today I took our advice… and I got started.

I sat down and wrote the first chapter or so of a YA Romantic Comedy I’ve been thinking about doing all year. And the amazing thing is, I started writing (and ignored work!) with the intention of just getting down the first page.

I wrote 1950 words. It’s the first step towards finding the ‘voice’ for the novel, and getting a handle on the characters. Now I just have to test it on my three daughters and see if I’m on track – or way off.

…it’s a start. Fun.

Have you started anything lately?


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Lou’s thinking of taking it up, so I thought I’d link to this most excellent post at Camels & Chocolate.

Apparently travel writing is not as easy as everyone thinks. Who’d have believed it????

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