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Catching that thought…

I’m an avid people watcher, and I love walking and taking in the signs of life around me. I just can’t help myself. An old man with a fascinating face, kids playing up in a skate park, a mother trying to calm her three year old down (who hasn’t worked out that Santa delivers on Christmas Eve), a young girl hurrying home in the dark, a couple having dinner – and not much conversation…

There are so many places and people and stories, and so much body language, to capture. And I’m going to wish I could remember them one day… when the muse is out to lunch and I’m in need of some inspiration.

But the problem I have is getting them down and keeping them sorted. I have snatches of stuff all over the place, more lost than found. So today I bought myself a sexy notebook, and I’m going to take it with me everywhere. No, it’s not an iPad(although I do have a lot of notes in my iPhone!) and it’s not a voice recorder (because, let’s face it, talking to yourself just feels stupid).

It’s just a simple notebook, and I’ve already written a scene snatch and character notes. It’s a bit like incidental exercise – a bit here and there adds up.

So I’m not going to write my to do list in it, or use if for shopping lists or work notes. This is, for once, just about characters, scenes and conversations. Whatever catches my attention, wherever I am.

It’s a step towards getting my focus on my writing again, and not coming up with all those ‘time-poor’ excuses. And catching my thoughts, for later.

How do you keep your scribbles and thoughts together? We’d love to know…

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